situation in Batken is smooth

The situation in Batken is smooth

5 Май 2021 , 15:27 1266

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As of May 5th, the situation on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border in Batken oblast is stable. The press service of the Interior Ministry reports, that no usage of weapon or other incidents have been reported in the border areas.

Special police patrols together with volunteers working round the clock to ensure the safety of local residents. In addition, 48 operational and investigative teams are currently working in Leilek and Batken districts of Batken oblast in order to calculate and investigate all the damage. Distroyed objects in Leilek district included two police stations, a building of 707 military units, computers and property were damaged. Suyun Omurzakov oversees the investigation of all the facts registered in Batken oblast. He held a meeting with 48 investigative teams and heard their reports on the progress of the investigation. He instructed each investigative team to give additional instructions on their work, to promptly clarify the costs incurred and to complete the investigation as soon as possible.

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